August 2014  
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   PTA Pool Party & Membership Drive
   Aug 22 2014 at 06:00 PM
   Picture Day
   Aug 28 2014
   1st Grade to Safety Town
   Sep 30 2014 at 12:00 PM
   1st Grade to Safety Town
   Oct 01 2014 at 12:00 PM

TRAFFIC UPDATE: There are several streets around John Mills School that are now blocked or have partial access due to water or gas work.  Beginning Monday, August 11, Diversey Street by Mills Park will be under construction with flood mitigation work. We’ve been working closely with the Elmwood Park Police Department to create a new drop off & pick up area on 76th Avenue in front of John Mills. Please see the attached map for new drop off and pick up location. John Mills’ staff and Elmwood Park Police Department will be out in the A.M. and P.M. to help see that traffic runs as smoothly as possible. Additionally, we encourage all families to walk to school whenever possible during this time of construction.  

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School Hours:

Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri: 8:40am – 3:00pm

Wed: 9:17am – 3:00pm

John Mills Elementary School - Call 708-583-6288 to Report Absences

About John Mills Elementary

John Mills Elementary School serves over 600 students in grades 1-6. Our mission at John Mills School in partnership with the home and community is to promote self-esteem, academic success, social responsibility, and life long learning by providing for all students and staff a caring and challenging educational environment.

John Mills Elementary School Choice Letter

August 2013


Dear Parent/Guardian:

Elmwood Park is committed to providing a high-quality educational program for your child.  We are working hard to provide programs to help all students succeed in our school district.  There are many fine things going on in our schools that provide measures of success beyond test scores.

Your child attends John Mills Elementary School which receives federal Title I funds.  These funds provide help for your child to meet state achievement standards.  For the 2012-2013 school year, the school did not meet the adequate yearly progress (AYP) targets.  Thus, John Mills Elementary School is in corrective action which means the school has failed to make adequate yearly progress for 4 years in the same subject and in addition to offering public school choice and supplemental educational services, at least one of the following actions will be implemented:

  • Replace school staff relevant to adequate yearly progress;
  • Institute and fully implement a new curriculum, with appropriate professional development for all relevant staff;
  • Significantly decrease management authority at the school level;
  • Appoint an outside expert to advise the school on its progress toward making adequate yearly progress, based on its school plan;
  • Extend the school year or school day; or
  • Restructure the internal organizational structure of the schools.

 Our district’s report card and the most recent AYP status report for your school show how your child’s school compares to other schools in our district and state.  These reports will be available on our website, at your child’s school and at the school district office when they are made available by the State.

We anticipate that your child’s school will be identified because the students did not make the target of 92.5% proficient in reading and math.  The school is working to improve the school’s academic program by offering professional development for teachers in the areas of reading and mathematics for all students.

 Specifically, the following professional development occurred this summer:

  • West Cook Math Initiative: Enacting the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics
  • English/Language Arts Common Core Mapping
  • The Educator’s Course on Academic Youth Development
  • Linguistics
  • Methods and Materials for Teaching English as a Second Language

In addition, the following professional development is being offered during our Institute Day on October 15:

  • Climbing the Data Ladder workshop by the Northwest Evaluation Association

Furthermore, John Mills Elementary School is one of the schools working with the West Cook Math Initiative to improve mathematics instruction.  Professional development for teachers took place this summer and will continue through the year for our special and regular education students in grades 1-6.  The district and the State Board of Education are working with your child’s school to help improve the academic standards of the school.  This is being accomplished by providing technical assistance to the teachers and administrators within your child’s school.

However, this may not be enough and we want to request your help as the school addresses its academic problems.  Please continue to attend Parent/Teacher conferences to learn about and support your child’s abilities and effort, check PowerSchool for your child’s test grades and talk to your child’s teacher or administrator about state and local test scores.  Did your child complete their summer reading assignment?  If not, we would highly recommend that you visit our site for the details at  Select your child’s school and note the Quick Link on the right.

The No Child Left Behind Act provides you, as a parent, the option to transfer your child to another public school within the district with transportation provided by the district.  However, at this time we do not have a school within the district to which your child can transfer.  We have contacted neighboring districts to request that they provide us with a school we can offer you as an option.  No school district has agreed to do so this year.  Elmwood Park CUSD 401 is following federal guidelines by sending this letter to you.

Please call Dr. Hlavacek (708-583-5835) if you have any questions about these services.

Thank you,

Kevin Anderson, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

School Choice and Supplemental Educational Services Information
Eligible SES
SES Students
Data as of
This Date
 2007-08 N/A    N/A    
 2008-09 N/A   N/A     
 2009-10 N/A   N/A    
 2010-11 N/A    N/A     
 2011-12 651 4 N/A 0 7/26/12
2012-13 N/A 0 692 148 2/01/13
2013-14 N/A 0 653 130 2/03/14